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I can't believe I have a Twilight blog…

Welcome! June 18, 2009

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Welcome, welcome, one and all!  This is my blog.  It’s about Twilight…which kind of makes me want to die inside.  Before we begin, I want to be clear.  I do love Twilight with all my heart and soul.  I’m super-obsessed just like everybody else out there, with the books, the movies, the actors (mostly Rob), etc.  But this is by far…this is the nerdiest thing I have EVER done.   I don’t hide my love for Twilight amongst my friends and family, but I do hide the extent of my obsession.  Which is why none of them will ever find out about this.


But recently I started emailing a dear friend (and fellow fan) of all the most important Twilight news.  She has a very hectic life and doesn’t have the time to keep up.  These emails to her somehow morphed into a sort-of blog that only she had the pleasure of reading.  She suggested that I actually create a real one for all the world to see, and I immediately cringed at the idea. But the next day I realized I had spent the last 24 hours thinking only of ideas for this blog, brainstorming topics without even realizing it!  So after a little bit more flattery on her part, I made this life-changing decision:  I was going to embrace my inner-nerd and start a Twilight blog.  WHAT?!?!


So let me first tell you what this will be.  This will be a place to read the opinions of a hopefully unique (but not-at-all-insane) Twilight nerd.  This will not be a place to get the latest and greatest Twilight news, I just don’t have the time to commit to that sort of site.  Plus I’m too lazy for all that.  This will also not be a place filled with rumors or gossip.  That kind of stuff (especially when Rob is involved) kills me and I can’t encourage it.   Instead I will just be voicing my opinions (hopefully in an entertaining way) on various Twilight-related subjects.  Be warned, sometimes I might be a little harsh.  Just because Edward Cullen is involved, doesn’t automatically make it great.  I can be mean sometimes, I can’t help it.  So sorry!


I hope you enjoy and come back soon!  I’ll do my best to make this a fun place to visit.  Feel free to leave a comment, email me, tell your friends, or all of the above!  As a bonus for today, I will leave you with a few direct quotes from the emails to my previously-mentioned friend as I was slowly deciding to start this thing.  Just to prove how reluctant I actually am.



 “So then i was like, “well, maybe it’s not so bad after all…”  even though it really, really is.”
“Today at work I went to different blog websites to compare which ones had the best features!!!!!  aaahhhh!  What am I doing?!?!? what am i doing what am i doing WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?!”
“I’m afraid the more I consider it, the more I’ll want to do it!  ahh, but it’s so nerdy!!!  You cannot tell anyone if i do!  Promise.  PROMISE!!  crap…CRAP!”




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