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Round 2: Harry vs. Edward!! July 14, 2009


Now this one I’m excited for!  Oh, where do I even start??  Okay here we have two VERY different characters, both very admirable though, don’t you think?  Harry Potter and Edward Cullen.  One is a human boy with magic abilities, one is a 100+ year old vampire trapped in a teenager’s body who can read minds.  One sacrifices all he has to save the entire world, the other spends his days chasing after a very clumsy girl so she doesn’t end up in the hospital AGAIN.

When comparing Edward and Harry, my thoughts go straight to (in my opinion) the best question, who would win in a fight between these two?  This question was asked of Stephenie Meyer awhile back on a podcast, and I couldn’t agree more with her answer.  Harry would not have a chance. Before he could even reach into his pocket to pull out his wand Edward would have torn his head off.  No contest.  Not even JK Rowling could deny this.  Point for Edward!  Even if Harry tried sneak up on Edward while wearing his invisibility cloak (this is where we start to get super-nerdy kids, I hope you’re ready) Edward would be able to not only smell him, but also hear his thoughts a mile away.   (We all know how those Occlumency lessons turned out, Harry.)  The only way Harry would ever have a chance is if he somehow concocted some sort of potion that made him odorless, thoughtless, etc.  But that doesn’t really count, because I’m not talking about some sort of wizard-vampire guerrilla warfare here, I’m talking about hand-to-hand combat.  Although wizard-vampire guerrilla warfare does sound pretty cool…

I know, that was fairly pointless, Harry and Edward would never fight each other!  They’re on the same team!  The good team.  My team.  So what about their personalities?  Who is more likable?  Who would be a better friend?  Better boyfriend?  Well, once again, Edward wins.  Throughout most of the HP books, Harry is moody, whiny and stressed out.  Does he have a lot of outside components in his life causing him to act this way?  Yes.  Does that that mean he can snap at his friends who have been at his side since the beginning?  NO.  Edward can be a little moody too sometimes, but never as bad as Mr. Potter.  Edward has the maturity bonus too.  Harry is boy, Edward is a man.  A man who will never look a day over seventeen.  Someday Harry will grow old, most likely turning out looking very similar to Dumbledore…long beard, wrinkly skin, etc.   Edward’s going to stay gorgeous for all eternity.   Plus I’m pretty positive Edward’s a better kisser.  Even if he is ice-cold.  What’s cooler than being cool??  ICE-COLD!  EDWARD WINS!!!

Author’s note:  I searched through a LOT of pictures of Edward trying to find one of him smiling and failed miserably…

Come on, Edward, you just won!  At least TRY to look happy!

Come on Edward, you just won! At least TRY to look happy!


5 Responses to “Round 2: Harry vs. Edward!!”

  1. Caity Says:

    you kill me. love it!

  2. Sister Says:

    Real Boy over Pretty Boy!

    Ok, what if Harry became a good Occlumens and Legimens, so he could read and block thoughts. Blocking would work much the same as Bella’s ability, and if he could read Edward’s thoughts, then they’d be matched in that sense. Edwards impermeability is what would probably count more. But Harry could learn a spell to explode him to bits and burn them up. Spells are part of Harry’s arsenal in a battle.

    So Harry snaped at friends, at least he didn’t ever ABANDON them! Although some abandoned him for a time, and he forgave them.

    “The Boy Who Lived” – TWICE!!, or the “Boy-Man Who Can Live Forever”?

    Harry is much more noble and interesting than Edward.

  3. Dawn S Says:

    ooh, I think Sister’s got some nice points…maybe it’s because I’ve read Harry Potter more recently than Twilight…but I’m feeling a little pro-Harry right now. Edward is great too…i dont know…i guess if it’s ONLY about who would win in a fight, Edward does seem a little more indestructible. This is a hard question!! When is my next installment coming, by the way? I can’t wait!

    • reluctanttwilighter Says:

      Even IF Harry could learn to block his thoughts and read other’s (which he can’t because he’s too much of a baby to get help from Snape) AND learn a spell to explode a vampire, Edward would still smell him coming and be able to move so fast to avoid any spell and rip Harry’s head off. Done and done.

      Next isntallment=Tonight’s the night!

      • Sister Says:

        I think talking about what Harry could potentially do counts. As an Auror in the future, post book 7, I think he could figure some of those things out. Edwards done, static.

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