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HP vs Twilight: The Final Battle July 27, 2009



When I was camping this weekend it started raining.  (Because I live in Washington and apparently it rains here.)  I spent the evening holed up in my tent with my dog, ignoring the laughter of my friends and family, instead choosing to pout about the weather.  While I was pouting, I also started reading Twilight for the first time in probably at least six months.  I realized that I had forgotten how much I loved Edward Cullen.  He really is great, isn’t he?  Anyways, last night when I got home and went to bed, I was hoping for an Edward dream, so I was trying to think about him as much as possible as I was drifting off to sleep.  When I woke up, however, I realized that I did NOT, in fact have an Edward dream.  Who was in my dream instead, you ask?  One of the freaking Jonas brothers! And not even one of the cute ones.  It was the ugly one.  You know which one, don’t make me say his name.  Let’s move on.

Today I’m wrapping up this Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate.  I believe at this point our score is Harry Potter 3, Twilight 1.  This last round is just an overall, which is better, which do I like better, etc. sort of category.  When I used to play soccer as a teenager, we would always end our practices with a scrimmage game.  When there was just a few minutes left of practice, my coach would declare, “Next goal wins!” no matter what the score was.  I know she was trying to motivate us to push ourselves just a little harder, but usually it just infuriated me.  I was always frustrated with the unfairness of it, even if my team won.  But apparently I’ve grown into a hypocrite, because that’s what I’m doing today.  Winner takes all in this one.  Next goal wins!

This is the hardest one to do (that’s what she said) because, like I said, I love them both dearly.  I’ve loved HP for a long, long, time and it hasn’t even been a year yet since I was first introduced to Twilight.  I have favorite characters in both series, favorite books in both series, favorite scenes that make me smile even right now as I think about them.  I think it’s pretty obvious which one I think is the more respectable of the two, (just look at the current score.)  The one that I’m proud to say I’m a fan of, the one that I don’t care who knows that I love with all my heart.  The other one…well, I will just say that sometimes I get a little embarrassed about loving it so much.

But here’s the thing: Not once, not ever, have I EVER had the tiniest inkling to start a blog about Harry Potter.  I don’t have a single HP website or blog that I follow.  I could probably only name one for sure that I know of.  And yet I have 7 different Twilight sites saved in my favorites at this very moment on my computer.  And 3 saved onto my computer at work!  Not to mention this little blog of my own that I still can’t believe I’m doing.

I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies in the theater more than a few times, not even my favorite ones.  I think the most was maybe 4?  My theater viewings for Twilight reached into the teens this winter.  That’s right.  Wait, have I not mentioned this yet?  If I remember correctly, (which I do, I’m just stalling now because it’s so embarrassing) the final count was…13 times.  And I didn’t even think the movie was that good!  Sigh.  Not one of my proudest accomplishments, but it happened, and I’m learning to live with it.  Just don’t tell anyone.  Please.  Seriously.

There are also some…emotions that I experience while reading Twilight that I never felt in any of the HP books.  I definitely went through a lot with Harry Potter and all his little friends, for sure.  I’ve felt joy, pain, hatred, sorrow, triumph.  (I cried through the entire seventh book alone!)    But there was that other feeling, the one of being in love, that you just can’t get out of HP.  Rowling just doesn’t dive deep enough into those relationships to get to experience it.  Which is fine, I’m not criticizing.  It’s just something that Twilight has that HP doesn’t.  The giddiness that comes from reading the first book in the Twilight series, when Edward and Bella first find each other, you just can’t beat it.

So in the end, I think have to declare Twilight the final winner.  I have some friends (friends who know absolutely nothing of my site, I might add) that would kill me if they heard me say this.  But I think maybe it’s true, at least for now.  And even if it’s not, this is a Twilight blog, after all.  What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t support the very series that I created this blog for?  A pretty lame one, I think.  TWILIGHT WINS!!!




4 Responses to “HP vs Twilight: The Final Battle”

  1. Caity Says:

    woohoo twilight! i’m reading through the series again right now – just finished Eclipse last night. and your totally right about the giddiness at reading about the feeling of being in love. gets me every time.

  2. Caity Says:

    oh and your soccer coach would have made me so freakin mad. seriously, last goal wins? that’s total bs some sort of enfp personality would come up with. 😀

  3. Sister Says:

    Umm… can you take out the element of your fondness for Rob in considering which one wins, imagine if there were no movies, etc.?

    Also, I just noticed the suggestive symbolism in the twilight cover image.

    • reluctanttwilighter Says:

      NO I cannot take out my fondness for Rob, that’s part of the equation! The movies are part of it too! I’m talking about the entire package here, not just books.

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