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I Got A Fever… September 19, 2009


And the only prescription… is MORE NEW MOON!*


This morning, I bought nine tickets (for me and my Twilight army) for the midnight premiere on November 19th.  Exactly from two months from now, I will be in line at my nearest 21 and over (no annoying preteen girls!) movie theater, impatiently waiting with my friends for this movie. This movie that, now more than ever, I still faithfully believe is going to be so much better than the crapfest that was Twilight.


Pair that with the new trailer that came out last week, which was soooo good.  So good that my older brother texted me this: “K, at least New Moon has more action and less emo pouting.  And for once the werewolves don’t look stupid.”  So good that every time I watch it I still get goosebumps.  EVERY. TIME.


PLUS the release of Death Cab For Cutie’s single (which I actually think is kind of boring, sorry boys), AND rumors of a full track list being released by Summit any day now and…


I’ve. got. it. BAD.


How do I cope when I’m growing this impatient?  We still have two more months!  I’m guessing at some point more and more clips and interviews will start popping up, which will help a little I suppose.  But until then, I’m lost!  My tickets are bought and my soundtrack is pre-ordered… what else is a girl to do?  Somebody help me!


I don’t really know what else to say right now.  I’m just venting, I guess.  Perhaps I’ll grab New Moon off my bookshelf and finally dive in again.  We’ll see if that will quench my thirst for now…


-The Reluctant (and ANXIOUS) Twilighter


P.S. Did everybody see that Rob did a guest tweet on Peter Facinelli’s Twitter account?  It made me more than a little happy.  Basically, I was grinning like an idiot all day yesterday.  Take a look:

Rob's Tweet

P.P.S. Did anyone else think that kid intern from The Office this week kind of  looked like a baby Taylor?  Oh, really? No?  It’s just me?  Oh.  Okay.  PARKOUR!


*Sorry for the cowbell reference.  I usually hate it since it’s been so overdone, but I can’t deny, it is a crowd-pleaser.


Quick Recap September 14, 2009

Yesterday was a big day.  I would love to go into major detail right now, but I’m super-tired so here’s what I can say right now:

Fact: Kristen looked beautiful.   I loved her hair and her dress.

Fact: Ashley Greene also looked beautiful. I loved her hair and her dress too.

Fact: Everyone else I know thought Ashley looked beautiful too. I don’t know what the folks over at Entertainment Weekly were smoking when they put her on their worst dressed list… why E.W.? WHY?  Usually I’m on your side on everything, but not today.  YOU HAVE FAILED ME.

Fact: Muse kicked ass.  I can’t wait for the new album.

Fact: Beyonce wins MVP of the night. That girl’s got everything.

Fact: Watching the New Moon trailer on a big screen TV is way better than on my laptop. I got goosebumps either way.

Fact: Today is my sister’s birthday!!!   Happy Birthday Sister!!!  Thank you for being one of my 3 regular readers!

Fact: November 20th is TOO FAR AWAY!!!!

Be back soon!!


Big Time Stuff September 12, 2009

I remembered that this blog came about originally because I used to email a friend with all the latest and greatest Twilight news.  She was a busy lady, who still is, so I feel the need today to make sure everyone is well-informed on the events of this weekend.  Big time stuff coming up.

First, the Video Music Awards is airing on Sunday night on MTV.  This. is. big.  BIG! TIME! STUFF!  Ashley Greene will be fashion correspondent on the red carpet.  Muse will be performing a song from their new album.  (As we all know, Muse is one of Stephenie Meyer’s favorite bands who inspired her while she was writing the Twilight series.  Plus, they kick ass.)  Death Cab for Cutie will be premiering their song, “Meet Me On The Equinox” on  Why does this matter to me, you ask?  Because this song was written exclusively for the New Moon soundtrack!  These Northwest boys apparently LOVE Twilight…well, not really I don’t think.  But they were kind enough to help Chris Weitz out and make a song.  Looks like the entire soundtrack is going to be pretty awesome, I heard Bon Iver is contributing as well.  I can’t wait.  BTW, you can already pre-order the soundtrack.  Done and done.

Hometown Heroes!!

Hometown Heroes!!

Furthermore, on this same awards show, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be presenting a third New Moon trailer.  A trailer that leaked onto the internet today but was snatched up by Summit before I had a chance to watch it.  Now I want to take this time to talk to everyone about a situation that could possibly arise on Sunday night.  Last year, the VMA’s were hosted by a Mr. Russell Brand.  His hosting did not go over very well, both in the Twilight world and in the regular, non-Twilight one (does such a world exist?) as well.  This is because he made some not-so-nice jokes about the Jonas brothers and their purity rings, called George Bush a retarded cowboy, and much more devastating, interrupted the cast of Twilight while they were trying to introduce a performance by Paramore.  He jumped in with his crazy antics, completely cutting off Rob’s lines, not allowing him to speak at all.  Thus causing chaos in the Twilight world.  War was declared on poor Russell and I’m actually pretty surprised that they asked him to come back this year.  Pleasantly surprised, that is.  I love Russell Brand.  I think he is hilarious.  I read his book, it was really interesting.  I watched his comedy special, and I laughed HARD.  He has a great website with lots of funny videos and posts.  (JUST ADDED! Go check out his website! Today he posted a video today where he sings a little song to a picture of Rob!) Now, there is a possibility that Russell could F things up again, and I hope that if that happens you all can forgive him.  He really means well, he just has a problem controlling himself sometimes.  So give him a break, okay?  The best we can hope for is that they chain him up backstage when it’s time for the Twilight kids to do their thing.  At the very least, turn off his mic when the trailer starts.

Give him a chance.  He's actually quite nice.

Give him a chance. He's actually quite nice.

Another important event this weekend is Bella’s birthday, (Sunday, September 13th) which means Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks!  The real town of Forks has chosen this day each year to honor Stephenie and all the attention that her books have brought to their little town.  Exciting activities include: a tour of Forks High School, a character look-alike contest, a car-decorating contest, a bonfire at First Beach, and cake!!  WOOT!  WOOT!  Try not to go too crazy, kids.

Let's get this party started!

Let's get this party started!

Even if you can’t make it to Forks, at least do a little something for Bella on her birthday.  Sing a birthday song, eat a cupcake, whatever you gotta do.  The first time I ever went to Forks and La Push was a year ago, on the day after Stephenie Meyer Day.  The entire town was still decorated for Bella’s birthday.   Banners and balloons in every store window.  I was so embarrassed to be there and declared it the nerdiest thing I had ever done.  Little did I know that a year later I’d be doing this…

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the events of this weekend, I know for sure I will!


Really? September 6, 2009

Here's one...

Here's one...

I’ve been noticing an interesting trend happening on my little blog.  In the last two and a half months, I’ve posted 17 or 18 times, but by FAR the most popular is the one I wrote about Kristen Stewart.  WordPress allows me to see which posts are the most popular, and this one takes the cake.  Every day I get hits on this post, even today!  Yesterday’s total was 11.  That’s odd, considering it’s over two months old.   If I had to guess, I would think that a post about Rob would be more popular, but apparently I don’t know anything about what the Twihards are interested in.

Another feature of WordPress that I personally enjoy is that you can see exactly what phrases are searched that lead to hits.  The girls over at LTT share theirs with people every once in awhile, always resulting in a hilarious post.  And I have to say, sometimes the ones on mine can be pretty funny:

Here's two...

Here's two...

“Kristen Stewart odd behaviour”

“Kristen Stewart is not nice”

“Kristen Stewart arrogant”

“Kristen Steward”

“reluctant it girl Kristen Stewart”

“every pair of converse that Kristen Stewart owns”

“mtv podium”



I’m sure I’ve probably Googled some funny things in my life, especially taken out of context, but really?  Who is searching for “Kristen Stewart is not nice” on the internet?  I’m betting it’s a bitter preteen girl who is not happy about the latest Robsten rumor and is trying to justify her hatred of poor Kristen by finding some example of her being “not nice.”  Hopefully once these people read that post, they have a change of heart, because if you recall, I believe I solidly proved that Kristen Stewart IS nice.  These people better be switching over to Team Kristen…I think I might actually be single-handedly converting every Kristen-hater on the planet.

This leads me to believe that maybe I’m going about this blog all wrong.  That’s why I’ve decided to change the focus from all things Twilight-related to ONLY Kristen Stewart-related subjects.  Any news, gossip, appearances, paparazzi photos, etc will be found here for your reading pleasure…okay…maybe not.  I like Kristen, but not that much.  For now I will continue on with a wide variety of subjects, some involving Kstew and some not.  But just for the sake of getting more readers, don’t be surprised if throughout my posts from now on, you randomly find phrases like “every pair of converse that Kristen Stewart owns” inserted for no reason.  Just go with it.  : )

And four.

And four.

P.S. I spent a lot of time on Google today to find every pair of Converse that Kristen Stewart owns…grand total is….drumroll please….4.  4 pairs of Converse.  Now you know.


Happy Birthday To Me September 5, 2009

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I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday on Thursday.  I received many well-wishes, cards, sweet treats and presents…including a 3D poster of our dear Edward and Bella.  From a 33-year-old man.  He’s read Twilight, claimed he hated it, likes to make fun of me for my Twilight obsession.  If only he knew I have this little bloggy-blog!  Anyways, what’s funny about this present is that I would never, EVER go into Fred Meyer like he did and purchase this Twilight poster.  I might walk down the aisle where this poster is located, maybe glance quickly at it, definitely not stop or go anywhere near it, and most certainly not pick it up!  No way in hell would I actually buy it.  And here he is, actually taking it to the cash register and purchasing it with real money.  Apparently the male cashier he bought it from even tried to engage him in a Twilight conversation, but he was not having that.  Perhaps as a payback, the cashier didn’t give him a bag (neither paper nor plastic, that’s how we roll in Seattle) to carry it out in!  He had to walk out to his car proudly displaying his Twilight purchase.  All adding up to an incredibly embarrassing event.  That’s true friendship right there.  My poster is now proudly hanging in my house, until, of course, a visitor comes around…at which point I will take it down and hide it in my closet.

On another birthday note, another present I received was a brand new laptop that I just happen to be using at this very moment!  What does this mean to me, you ask?  Well, it means that you’re all in luck because now I have the capability to post much more often.  I know I make a lot of empty promises on this blog, but hopefully that all will change now that I have 24-hour access to the world wide web.  So hold onto your butts, and get ready to have the time of your life.  See you soon!



True Blood=Southern Fun September 2, 2009

My new favorite!

My new favorite!

I was talking to a friend of mine last week about how I was interested in watching the tv series Deadwood.  I had heard it was good and wanted to try it out.  He looked at me and said, “That’s a western, right?  So the vampires in that show are like, cowboy vampires?”  No, dear friend, contrary to popular belief, I don’t only like things that involve vampires.   However, as I mentioned in the last post, I have jumped on the bandwagon yet again, this time with the HBO series True Blood.  If you are not familiar with the show, it’s about vampires.  First, let’s be clear, it is NOT like Twilight.  Second…It. Is. Awesome.

Lot's of cheesy jokes on this show...

Lot's of cheesy jokes on this show...

The story of True Blood centers around Miss Sookie Stackhouse, a young woman who lives in a small Louisiana town with her grandmother and is a waitress at the local bar.  Oh…and she can read minds.  But what’s this?  She meets someone (someone she’s very attracted to) whose mind is closed to her!  Sound kind of familiar?  This special someone is Bill Compton (a.k.a. Vampire Bill) who is a vampire looking to “mainstream” into regular human society.  You see, the major difference between Twilight and True Blood is that in True Blood, the human world is actually aware of the fact that vampires exist.  After creation of a synthetic blood drink that vampires are able to live off of instead of humans, the vampires believed they would be able to “come out of the coffin” and all would be well in the world.  Of course this isn’t the case, religious groups are in an uproar, prejudice runs rampant, and quite a few vampires just aren’t satisfied with a blood substitute, instead preferring the real thing…humans.

There are many other differences, of course.  These vampires don’t really have special powers other than heightened senses, super-strength, and speed.  They cannot go out in the sunlight (no sparkle-sparkle), they sleep during the day,  and they actually have fangs.  Sigh.  I have a problem with the fangs.  They look pretty cool when they pop out, if a vampire gets excited or hungry, but once a vampire tries to talk with those fangs in their mouth, it sounds kind of stupid.  Like a kid who’s got their retainer in for the night.  Not cool.

Another  interesting difference is Sookie’s mind reading.  For her, this ability has caused nothing but pain and isolation her entire life.  She is unable to get past a first date with anyone, since being able to hear young men’s thoughts are quite appalling to Miss Sookie.  She spends a lot of effort trying to block out everyone’s thoughts, so when she meets Vampire Bill, she is not so much curious (like Edward was with Bella), but more relieved.  She is finally able to relax around someone and enjoy herself.

Bill says RELAX

Bill says RELAX

There are some similarities though.  Like Twilight, a world with vampires means you have to be open to the possibility that other mythical creatures could exist too.  (I won’t go into that, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.)  Sookie and Bill, like Bella and Edward have some obstacles to overcome being a vampire/human couple.  (“We can never eat breakfast together, oh no!”  Um, yes, you can Sookie, just wake up really early.  Duh.)  And I see a lot of similarities in Bella and Sookie, besides that they seem to be very attracted/attractive to vampires.  They are both very brave, stubborn, young women who stick up for themselves and I like that.

So despite my original concerns with the story, mostly the cheesiness of it and the fact that I don’t find Vampire Bill attractive AT ALL (He’s old!), it has become my new favorite show.  It’s funny, scary (especially Season 2, eep!),  the ensemble cast is great, and there are lots of mysteries and surprises.  All adding up to a very fun show.  I recommend it to you all.  Check it out if you get the chance, and let me know what you think!

P.S. A word of warning, True Blood is intended for adults.  Violence, profanity, and graphic sex are around every corner so be careful!