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True Blood=Southern Fun September 2, 2009

My new favorite!

My new favorite!

I was talking to a friend of mine last week about how I was interested in watching the tv series Deadwood.  I had heard it was good and wanted to try it out.  He looked at me and said, “That’s a western, right?  So the vampires in that show are like, cowboy vampires?”  No, dear friend, contrary to popular belief, I don’t only like things that involve vampires.   However, as I mentioned in the last post, I have jumped on the bandwagon yet again, this time with the HBO series True Blood.  If you are not familiar with the show, it’s about vampires.  First, let’s be clear, it is NOT like Twilight.  Second…It. Is. Awesome.

Lot's of cheesy jokes on this show...

Lot's of cheesy jokes on this show...

The story of True Blood centers around Miss Sookie Stackhouse, a young woman who lives in a small Louisiana town with her grandmother and is a waitress at the local bar.  Oh…and she can read minds.  But what’s this?  She meets someone (someone she’s very attracted to) whose mind is closed to her!  Sound kind of familiar?  This special someone is Bill Compton (a.k.a. Vampire Bill) who is a vampire looking to “mainstream” into regular human society.  You see, the major difference between Twilight and True Blood is that in True Blood, the human world is actually aware of the fact that vampires exist.  After creation of a synthetic blood drink that vampires are able to live off of instead of humans, the vampires believed they would be able to “come out of the coffin” and all would be well in the world.  Of course this isn’t the case, religious groups are in an uproar, prejudice runs rampant, and quite a few vampires just aren’t satisfied with a blood substitute, instead preferring the real thing…humans.

There are many other differences, of course.  These vampires don’t really have special powers other than heightened senses, super-strength, and speed.  They cannot go out in the sunlight (no sparkle-sparkle), they sleep during the day,  and they actually have fangs.  Sigh.  I have a problem with the fangs.  They look pretty cool when they pop out, if a vampire gets excited or hungry, but once a vampire tries to talk with those fangs in their mouth, it sounds kind of stupid.  Like a kid who’s got their retainer in for the night.  Not cool.

Another  interesting difference is Sookie’s mind reading.  For her, this ability has caused nothing but pain and isolation her entire life.  She is unable to get past a first date with anyone, since being able to hear young men’s thoughts are quite appalling to Miss Sookie.  She spends a lot of effort trying to block out everyone’s thoughts, so when she meets Vampire Bill, she is not so much curious (like Edward was with Bella), but more relieved.  She is finally able to relax around someone and enjoy herself.

Bill says RELAX

Bill says RELAX

There are some similarities though.  Like Twilight, a world with vampires means you have to be open to the possibility that other mythical creatures could exist too.  (I won’t go into that, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.)  Sookie and Bill, like Bella and Edward have some obstacles to overcome being a vampire/human couple.  (“We can never eat breakfast together, oh no!”  Um, yes, you can Sookie, just wake up really early.  Duh.)  And I see a lot of similarities in Bella and Sookie, besides that they seem to be very attracted/attractive to vampires.  They are both very brave, stubborn, young women who stick up for themselves and I like that.

So despite my original concerns with the story, mostly the cheesiness of it and the fact that I don’t find Vampire Bill attractive AT ALL (He’s old!), it has become my new favorite show.  It’s funny, scary (especially Season 2, eep!),  the ensemble cast is great, and there are lots of mysteries and surprises.  All adding up to a very fun show.  I recommend it to you all.  Check it out if you get the chance, and let me know what you think!

P.S. A word of warning, True Blood is intended for adults.  Violence, profanity, and graphic sex are around every corner so be careful!


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