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Happy Birthday To Me September 5, 2009

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I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday on Thursday.  I received many well-wishes, cards, sweet treats and presents…including a 3D poster of our dear Edward and Bella.  From a 33-year-old man.  He’s read Twilight, claimed he hated it, likes to make fun of me for my Twilight obsession.  If only he knew I have this little bloggy-blog!  Anyways, what’s funny about this present is that I would never, EVER go into Fred Meyer like he did and purchase this Twilight poster.  I might walk down the aisle where this poster is located, maybe glance quickly at it, definitely not stop or go anywhere near it, and most certainly not pick it up!  No way in hell would I actually buy it.  And here he is, actually taking it to the cash register and purchasing it with real money.  Apparently the male cashier he bought it from even tried to engage him in a Twilight conversation, but he was not having that.  Perhaps as a payback, the cashier didn’t give him a bag (neither paper nor plastic, that’s how we roll in Seattle) to carry it out in!  He had to walk out to his car proudly displaying his Twilight purchase.  All adding up to an incredibly embarrassing event.  That’s true friendship right there.  My poster is now proudly hanging in my house, until, of course, a visitor comes around…at which point I will take it down and hide it in my closet.

On another birthday note, another present I received was a brand new laptop that I just happen to be using at this very moment!  What does this mean to me, you ask?  Well, it means that you’re all in luck because now I have the capability to post much more often.  I know I make a lot of empty promises on this blog, but hopefully that all will change now that I have 24-hour access to the world wide web.  So hold onto your butts, and get ready to have the time of your life.  See you soon!



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